What type of oil do I use in my pump?

AquascapePRO (SFA) Pumps: Dilectric Oil. Mobile DTE Oil Light is a common brand.

AquascapePRO 1500: ~4oz

AquascapePRO 3000: ~4oz

AquascapePRO 4500: ~5oz

AquascapePRO 7500: ~5oz

AquascapePRO 10,000: ~12oz


Tsurumi PL & PN Series Pumps:

Tsurumi 3PL: http://store.aquascapeinc.com/p/replacement-oil-for-tsurumi-3pl

Tsurumi 5PL, 9PL, 3PN, 4PN, 8PN, 12PN: http://store.aquascapeinc.com/p/replacement-oil-for-tsurumi-5pl-9pl-3pn-4pn-8pn-12pn


AquaSurge Pumps: There is no oil in the AquaSurge pump line.


Ultra Pumps: There is no oil in the Ultra pump line.


Statuary Pumps: There is no oil in the Statuary pump line.

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