Doesn't bacteria naturally form? Why do I need to buy it?

Beneficial Bacteria do naturally form in the pond, but some essential bacteria are slow to reproduce and combat problems and if left unchecked quickly become worse. Because a pond is an enclosed system, it’s easy to have a problem or abundance of nutrients making things quickly go from bad to worse.  Adding Bacteria on a regular consistent basis helps to bring bacteria concentrations to where they can quickly take care of problems that may occur and also promotes a condition known as competitive exclusion. The competitive exclusion principle is that no two species can have stable coexistence if they occupy the same niche and compete for the same resources.

There are two possible outcomes of the competition:

  1. One species is less capable and becomes extinct.
  2. One species undergoes an evolutionary or behavioral shift towards a different ecological niche.

Both resulting in a balancing of the ecosystem, reduction of unsightly water conditions and crystal clear pond water. 
Some studies show that Beneficial Bacteria in high concentrations can actually eliminate bad or dangerous bacteria.

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