Can I put too much of these products in my pond? Will they hurt my fish?

Bacterial  Products 

The more Beneficial Bacteria you put in your pond, the better off the pond will function and the more you will be protected against fluctuation in water chemistry. The bacteria will help reduce the amount of physical waste found in the bottom of the pond as well as keep filter pads clean and maintain a functioning biological filer system preventing surges in Ammonia or Nitrite two of the major causes of fish loss. 

Rapid Clear (Flocculent)  

This is one product where accurate dosing is very important! Rapid clear will quickly go to work to clear suspended particles or cloudy water, but if it is over dosed it will quickly make the problem worse. If used in the recommended dosage the product will attract particles to clump making them easy to remove with fine mechanical filtration media. When overdosed the product actually has the opposite effect and will make the particles repel from each other making the problem worse.    In general, products have a recommended dosage for a reason. The reason for the use of the pump top bottles is to make accurate dosing fast and simple. We recommend that customers use the recommended dosage and follow the instructions. There is a buffer built in so customers that have smaller ponds than they have estimated will not have problems.

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