How long until I see results?

It is recommended to thoroughly clean the pond of as much debris as possible before starting the ionization system.  This will maximize the ion’s effectiveness and speed to achieve noticeable results.  The more debris and dirtier the water feature the longer it will take.  Most noticeable results will be achieved after conducting a thorough cleanout.  Use products such as EcoBlast granular algaecide to control the algae levels while the ion levels in the pond are slowly increasing.   In general you should allow at least allow 2-3 weeks before expecting to see results.  Larger water features will take longer for the ions to reach a level where they are effective.  Make sure the probe is not clogged with debris or there is scale build-up suffocating the probe.  Multiple ionization systems can be put on larger units to achieve quicker results.  It is important to make sure your alkalinity parameters are within the proper levels.   A good range of alkalinity level is between 80-120 mg/L (ppm).  A maximum suggested range is between 50 – 250 mg/L (ppm).

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