What makes your food better than any other?

Probiotics: All Aquascape pelletized fish foods contain probiotics which aid in digestion and allow the fish to utilize nutrients and proteins consumed, optimizing food conversion ratios and reducing the amount of waste being produced by the fish resulting in a cleaner healthier pond.

Quality Packaging: Aquascape pelletized fish foods are packed in a high-quality mylar stand-up pouch, protecting the food from light and oxygen that can quickly damage the integrity of the food and minimize shelf life.

Stabilized Vitamins: All Aquascape fish foods contain stabilized vitamins, including vitamin C important for tissue repair and overall fish health. Quality Protein Sources: All Aquascape fish foods are made from a high-quality fish meal protein source, maximized with probiotics to ensure optimal growth rates and fish health.

Overall Best Value: Aquascape offers the overall best value in high quality foods available by combining the purchasing power of our overseas partner, scientifically-proven formulations, the best quality ingredients, and state-of-the-art processing.

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