What is a Biofalls filter?

There are basically two types of filters needed to properly maintain a water garden: the first is a mechanical skimmer and the second is biological filter.  Aquascape offers an extensive line of BioFalls® biological waterfalls filters designed to help you create a beautiful, low maintenance water garden.  A biological style of filter provides a home for beneficial bacteria to grow.  These special strains of bacteria that are added to the water garden are highly effective at breaking down and removing wastes from the water, such as ammonia, nitrogen, decaying plant debris and fish waste.  All of this waste, if not properly filtered, can become harmful to fish and cause significant water quality issues.  One of the biggest challenges with most biological filters on the market is they are difficult to hide and are often an eyesore that takes away from the overall beauty of the pond.  The Aquascape Biofalls®, unlike traditional biological filters, are actually hidden into the landscape.  The Biofalls® can be buried into the ground to create the beginning of a stream or raised to create the start of a beautiful waterfall.  The top of the filter can be filled with aquatic plants and accent stones allowing the filter to be completely camouflaged into the landscape.  Once the Biofalls® is installed, you could be standing right next to it and not even know it is there.

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