What Should I Expect to Get Out Of The Thursday Business Owner/Manager Boot Camp?

A Lot! This is the day that inspired this year’s Pondemonium theme; Getting Better Together. Thursday will be all about benchmarking yourself with your peers to see where you can get better.   How efficient is your company at building water features? How can you increase productivity? How much should you raise prices? How can you sell more work or add profitable services? You will get answers to all of these questions and more, as we unveil our comprehensive Certified Aquascape Contractor Standards study.  For the first time in this industry you will receive benchmarks to compare yourself to Certified Aquascape Contractor Standards that have been compiled using actual data from your peers. Not only will you see where you compare to your peers, but you will have the chance to learn best practices to make improvements in the areas that you want to focus on.

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