Smart Control Receiver Connection Issues

If you experience connection issues with your Smart Control Device, there a few things to check.

Two things could be wrong if it is failing at this point Ex. 1. 

mceclip0.pngEx. 1

1. There is not a strong enough Wifi signal.

  • To test the strength of your network we recommend the app called Wifi Sweet Spots
    (Ex. 2)- you will connect to your wireless network, then open this app and place your phone right next to the where the device will be that you are attempting to connect. Typically, we would like to see a reading of over 10 Mbps. If the readings are dropping below 10 Mbps you will have connection issues

mceclip1.pngEx. 2

  • If the signal is not strong enough you will need to purchase a wireless network extender. There are many options available on Amazon.
  • You need to be connected to a 2.4Ghz network. 5Ghz networks will not work for our Smart Control Devices


2. The second issue that typically causes connection issues is not typing the network name or password in correctly.

  • You need to make sure you match the network name and password EXACTLY!
  • It is case sensitive, every dash, space or number needs to be matched EXACTLY!

3. You may need to perform a “Double Reset”

Still having issues?

If you are having issues connecting and you have verified you have a strong enough signal using the Wifi Sweet Spots app, please take screenshots of the wireless network from the settings on your phone and let us know the network you are connecting to.  Then also take a screenshot of the network name and password you typed into the app. Please send both pictures to your Customer Service Rep to verify that they are typed correctly.  They need to match exactly, see Ex. 3 for an incorrect example.

mceclip2.pngEx. 3

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